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Faculty of Psychological and Physical Science

Department of Psychology
Through nine designated fields of study, students engage in the research of human nature and ways of life from a wide range of perspectives. The curriculum stresses the importance of experiments and practices, which enable students to grasp the significance of understanding humans and to learn the specific approaches available toward such understanding.
Department of Health Science
The three courses of sports sciences, health development sciences, and speech and hearing sciences are offered. Based on the research specialization of each faculty member, this department focuses on producing health specialists who are capable of providing health guidance that suits personal lifestyles and different stages of life.
Department of Nutritional Science
With the rise in lifestyle diseases, the role of registered dietitians in a health care setting is becoming increasingly important. The Department of Nutritional Science offers a program designed from a medical perspective to produce professionals capable of offering advice and guidance for health improvement from the vantage point of nutrition.