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Student Life

My Reason for Studying in Japan

Developing competency in foreign languages and deepening
our understanding of different cultures

Foreign Language Education Programs

In this time of rapid globalization, an ability in foreign languages to effectively communicate with people around the world, as well as an in-depth understanding of other cultures are becoming all the more critical. In this light, AGU places a special emphasis on education in English and other foreign languages, and offers a variety of international programs, all with the aim of developing in students a global perspective. We also engage in the cross-border exchange of teaching staff, international joint research projects, and other modes of academic exchange.
Broad-based international exchange through a diverse range of programs

Overseas Language Training Programs

Our “Overseas Language Training Program” is a one-month program held during the summer break in which students are dispatched to our partner institutions to attend courses in language and general educational topics that have been specially designed for AGU students. Through the lessons and exposure to the culture, climate, and history of the host country, along with daily life activities outside the host institutions, students acquire language skills and an international perspective. Successful participants can earn two credits in “Overseas Program” participation. AGU’s broad-based international exchanges include a dispatch study program and a credit transfer system, to name a few.

Overseas Partners

Bond University
University of Arkansas-Fort
University of Victoria
Canterbury Christ Church University (United Kingdom)
Dongguk University
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman(Malaysia)

Other Partner Institutions Academic Cooperation

Elmira College
Hangyang University
Hunan Normal University
Dalian University
Ludong University
Changchun University
Linyi University
Tzu Chi University
Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology
University of Education-The University of Danang
National University of Laos
Padjadjaran University
Hacettepe University