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About AGU

Building on Tradition, Entering into a New Era

Since its establishment in 1876 as a branch training center of Soto Zen Buddhism, Aichi Gakuin University (AGU) has been producing graduates who are able to contribute to society. Over 140 years it has been passing down the Buddhist spirit that emphasizes humanity. Our founding spirit is realized in the development of the personality of students under the unity of learning and practice according to Zen teaching. This sprit also provides society with graduates capable of demonstrating a sense of gratitude towards all life in the world. Carrying forward this philosophy, AGU is about to turn a new page in its history. In 2013, the university will establish the Faculty of Economics, and in 2014, a new campus, Meijo Koen Campus, was open in the center of Nagoya to offer students stimulating and inspiring academic experiences, promoting the synergy of partnerships between academia and industry. AGU is also engaged in enhancing and enriching the curriculum in all its departments. We will strive to provide more attractive learning opportunities in order to increase student motivation for learning. We will also do our utmost to support the self-realization of each student. We have always been committed to offering human education based on Zen teachings by engaging each student eye-to-eye in our effort to bring out their capabilities. As we enter into a new era, it is our sincere hope that students will develop their full potential at AGU.