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Graduate School of Letters

Buddhist and Religious Studies (master's/doctoral program)
The department encourages students to deepen their study in the three key fields of Buddhism, Zen-Buddhism, and religion through the analytical reading of original, foreign, and classic texts.
The extensive collection of reference materials?the largest and finest in Nagoya and the surrounding area?and facilities such as the Institute for Zen Studies, are available as an aid to enhancing the quality of research.
History (master's/doctoral program)
Students engage in the study of Japanese, Asian, Western, and Muslim world history as well as archaeology.
Through studies of the various aspects of history?cultural, socio-economic, or political history, among others according to their chosen theme, students acquire the ability to contribute to a wide range of fields.
Studies of English Speaking Cultures (master's/doctoral program)
The department engages in extensive exploration of culture in the English-speaking world, covering Europe and the U.S. to East/Southeast/South Asia and other Pacific rim regions. Faculty comprising leading authorities in such fields as English linguistics/English pedagogy, and American/British/Asian studies guide the students in their research activities.
Studies of Japanese Culture (master's/doctoral program)
Japanese culture is studied from all angles including from the perspectives of linguistics, literature, sociology,
folklore, and cultural anthropology. The department aims to bring the entirety of Japanese culture to the rest of the world through cross-disciplinary research. Enrolment of international students is encouraged, from the viewpoint of increasing their understanding of Japanese culture.